The Partnership between the UN's humanitarian agencies and the European Commission is founded upon their shared aim of reaching the most vulnerable populations in crises around the world and alleviate their suffering.
As the world’s largest humanitarian donor, the European Union – (European Commission and all EU Member States) - is a vital partner for the UN in achieving its mandate to coordinate humanitarian assistance and help populations recover from crises. Likewise, the widespread presence of UN agencies in almost all the crisis zones around the world ensures an extensive coverage of the most urgent humanitarian needs enabling EU humanitarian aid to quickly reach where it matters most.

This website is organised as a permanent portal for ECHO's UN Partners in order to provide easy and user-friendly coverage of the rules and procedures in place, including under the Framework Agreement with the Commission (FAFA) and the applicable Special and General Conditions.

Users can navigate the content via the Track in the left column where the content of the FAFA and the General Conditions is organised following the logic of the Action.

The objective of this portal is to contribute, through a better explanation of the applicable rules and procedures, to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery and support of humanitarian aid. We invite you to re-visit this website regularly to check for updates and to make the most of it as a valuable training resource.


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