Logframe Overview

1. General information
2. Humanitarian organisation in the area
3. Needs assessment and beneficiaries
4. Logic of intervention
5. Quality markers
6. Implementation
7. Coordination
8. Monitoring and evaluation
9. Visibility
10. Financial overview of the action
11. Derogations
12. Administrative information
13. Conclusions and humanitarian organisation’s comments
Logframe Overview

The Log-frame is a tool used to provide a good overview of the proposed Action in line with the basics of Project Cycle Management.
In the PDF Application the logframe Overview is collocated between sessions 10 and 11 without any reference number. Its particularity consists in the fact that it hasn’t to be encoded manually, as it is automatically generated by the system when clicking on the button Generate Logframe. The contents of the logframe will be retrieved directly from the session 4. Logic of intervention.