PURPOSE: The main purpose of this chapter is to give the opportunity to the UN Agency to demonstrate its knowledge of the country and to explain the links between the Action and other projects.

1. General information
2. Humanitarian organisation in the area
3. Needs assessment and beneficiaries
4. Logic of intervention
5. Quality markers
6. Implementation
7. Coordination
8. Monitoring and evaluation
9. Visibility
10. Financial overview of the action
11. Derogations
12. Administrative information
13. Conclusions and humanitarian organisation’s comments
Logframe Overview

2.1 Presence in the area

This section will provide information to ECHO on whether the UN Agency is present in the geographical area and/or sector of intervention or whether it has sufficiently good knowledge of the country to guarantee the success of the Action.

For certain crises, a confirmed presence in the country of operations might be a prerequisite, for instance in emergency.

This section is also the opportunity for the UN Agency to demonstrate its relevance to the specific context. The UN Agency will indicate for instance the number of years of presence in the country, the type of intervention, and the type of presence (either with an established office or through local partner), the regions of intervention and/or the sectors.

In case of urgent Action (simplified Single Form), the UN Agency will briefly mention whether its organisation is present in the country and whether it has the operational capacity to implement the activities immediately

2.2 Synergies with other actions

This section is optional and should be filled in when applicable. It gives the possibility to put the proposed Action into perspective with other programmes/projects implemented in the same sectors or regions. In particular, this section can be used to explain:

It is the responsibility of the UN Agency to avoid overlaps between donors and double funding.

  • How the Action fits in a bigger picture, i.e. what are the links with related projects which do not fall within ECHO's mandate but which can help to understand the logic of the Action.
  • What are the potential synergies with other initiatives and/or other major donors?
  • Whether is an implementing partner in a humanitarian project implemented by the UN.

It should be noted that issues relating to transition, LRRD, exit strategy and resilience are covered under section 7.4 of the Single Form.