Action's Implementation

UN Agency implementing Humanitarian Aid Actions should ensure the respect of the following principles:

  • First of all they have to implement the Action with the requisite degree of care, efficiency, transparency and diligence, as required by best practice in the field, and in compliance with the Indirect Management Delegation Agreement.
  • They are requested to take every precaution to ensure that all the staff and the supplies used for the implementation of the Action are adequately protected from any form of harm and damage and are fully insured, whenever insurance is possible and cost-effective.
  • They should make every effort to mobilise all the financial, human and material resources required for the full implementation of the Action, endeavouring to use local human and material resources.
  • Finally, the Action shall be properly implemented, based on clear and verifiable objectives, and its results, being assessed through specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound indicators, must be achieved within the agreed period.

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