Non Essential Changes

Non-essential changes are unilateral modifications of the Agreement.

They may include everything that is not listed in the amendment by mutual consent section. These changes include for instance, change in the headings and lines of the financial statement, change in the activities, etc.

The non-essential changes can be introduced in the interim report, or through a “Modification Request non-essential changes” .

To create this documente the UN Agency should enter in Appel and follow this workflow.

Once submitted, it will show up as a Non-essential changes MR which becomes favourable immediately. ECHO does not have to give its approval to these changes, unless it realises that one of the changes introduced falls under the modification by mutual consent. (This may happen when modifying activities relating to cash or when modifying the monitoring section to introduce a remote management).

total eligible costs of the Action

In case of Multi-Donor Actions, the estimation of the total eligible costs of the Action referred to in the Special Conditions is not considered as a basic element of the Action and consequently can be changed unilaterally. An increase or decrease in the overall costs of the Multi-Donor Action will not in itself trigger any adjustment by ECHO of its contribution to the Action. The UN entity may update the figures unilaterally at the next reporting stage.

If, however, the decrease in the Action's budget is likely to have operational repercussions on the achievement of results indicated in the Single Form, the UN entity should contact ECHO to discuss a possible modification especially if the results committed no longer be achieved with the reduced funds available.

Budget transfers

Provided that the Action is implemented as described in the Single Form, the UN Agency may adjust the estimated budget set out in the Financial Statement of the Action annexed to the Single Form, by transfers between the different budget headings, without this adjustment being considered as an amendment of the Delegation Agreement.
In any case, if the shuffling between the different budget lines has an important effect, for example on the achievement of one of the results, it is advisable to submit an amendment request.

Update Contact details

If contact persons in an Action need to be changed, the UN Agency can replace contact persons or add additional contact persons by clicking the button 'Update contact details'. The pop up screen below will appear, allowing the UN Agency to modify the information. These changes are only possible before the submission of the Final Report. Once the changes are submitted, a non-essential change Modification Request (MR) will be created automatically, in the section “List of the modifications with Partner's justification”, indicating the reasons for the modification in the following way: “This non–essential change request document was submitted to introduce minor modifications in the contact person details in section 12.2.”

Clerical errors

Clerical errors are unintentional additions, omissions or typographical errors made in the text of the Delegation Agreement.

In case of a clerical error in the text of the Delegation Agreement, the Parties shall inform each other as soon as the error is identified and the text shall be rectified by mutual consent. The clerical error shall not affect the validity of the Delegation Agreement.

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