Section 10: Financial Overview of the Action

10.1 Final report incurred costs
UN Agency has to include in this table the total incurred costs

10.2 Financial Statements
In the final report, the partners will update the financial statement. The allocation per result (%) should not be updated at final report stage.

10.3 Funding of the Action
In this section the UN Agency has to provide a picture of the various sources of financing. In case the Action itself has created an income, the final amount has to be mentioned in the section Direct Revenue of the Action; at final payment stage this amount will be deducted from DG ECHO contribution.

If the UN Agency made a contribution to a certain portion / percentage of the costs of the Action, the final amount has to be mentioned on the field Contribution by Applicant, while funding received by other donors has to be included in Contribution by other donors.

Moreover the UN Agency has to fill in the field for the Contribution requested from ECHO, while the Percentage of total funding is calculated automatically by the system.

Contributions by beneficiaries are usually linked to cost recovery schemes. These contributions cannot be accepted as co-financing. At final reporting stage the UN Agency must identify the amounts recovered in this section. They are not taken into account for the calculation of the indirect costs as the objective of the amount recovered is to be reinvested in the Action.

10.8 The organisation confirms that the co-financing has not led to a double funding of the activity
The UN Agency will confirm at the final report stage that the various sources of funding do not lead to double-funding.

10.9 Report on financial issues:
When necessary, the UN Agency will report here on any of the sections above.