Section 3: Needs Assessment and Beneficiaries

3.1.7 Report on needs assessment
The UN Agency has to provide, as necessary, an update of the Sections 3.1. The UN Agency will also report on major changes and specific difficulties encountered in relation to the initial assessment. Estimated disaggregated data about direct beneficiaries:
In the final report, the UN Agency must provide disaggregated data. Estimated disaggregated data about direct beneficiaries
The UN Agency has to provide updated estimates. Specific target:
The UN Agency must provide an update in case the target of the Action has changed during implementation.

3.2.8 Report on beneficiaries:
The UN Agency will report on the beneficiary sections and on the involvement of the beneficiaries in the implementation and evaluation the Action. UN Agency should not forget to report on major difficulties, challenges with the partners and affected populations.