Section 9: Communication, Visibility and Information

9.5 Communication, Visibility and Information

For standard visibility, the UN Agnecy will explain what type of activities have been implemented and where, corresponding to the indications in the proposal. Evidence of those activities needs to be provided (pictures, articles, etc.). The UN Agency can insert a link where such proofs can be found (link to website, web post, etc.). In case the minimum requirements could not be achieved, the UN Agency must to provide a good justification.

In case of above standard activities, the UN Agency will have to report according to the separate communication plan that has been described in section 9.2.

The amount of supporting evidence provided does not need to be exhaustive. The partner must able to demonstrate in a credible way that the contractual visibility and communication obligation has been respected as an integral part of the project and at different stages of its implementation.
Communication and visibility costs cannot be approved without this supporting information.