Urgent Actions

An urgent action is an action which addresses immediate and unforeseeable humanitarian requirements generated by sudden natural or man-made disasters.

Urgent action includes all actions financed under the ECHO Primary Emergency and Emergency financing decisions mentioned above and it may also exist under other types of financing decisions such as Worldwide decision/HIP, if foreseen in the text of the HIP or its Technical Annex, where ECHO and the partners agree that the implementation of the actions has to start immediately.

Urgent Actions and the Single Form

Where an urgent action is financed under a Primary Emergency or an Emergency Financing decision, the UN Agency should in principle use the simplified Single Form.

Where the urgent Action is financed under other types of financing decisions, the UN Agency may either use the simplified Single Form or the full Single Form. In the latter case the UN Agency needs to include a reference to the fact the Action is urgent in Section 11 of the Single Form.

In both cases, an Article 6.3 will be included into the text of the Indirect Management Agreement.