Signature and entry into force

The IMDA has to be duly signed by ECHO and by the UN Agency, represented by the Legal Representative mentioned in Section 12 of the Single Form. Please note that under no circumstances whatsoever may the UN Agency make changes to the Delegation Agreement sent for signature.
The Delegation Agreement sent for signature can be sent by the Commission through:

  • Registered postal delivery with return receipt

Once received, within 15 calendar days, the authorised representative shall sign and return one original of the Agreement to ECHO, by registered letter with advice of delivery or equivalent procedure. UN Agency may keep the second original for internal records.

In this case, the Agreement will enter into force on the date of receipt by ECHO of the signed copy;

  • Electronic Exchange system

The General Conditions foresee the possibility to sign and send back the Agreement through Appel. However, this system is not yet applicable

N.B. Upon receipt of the signed Agreement the process for the initial pre-financing payment will be launched automatically.

Errors in the Agreement

In the case of clerical errors (unintentional additions, omissions or typographical errors) in the text of the Delegation Agreement, the Parties shall inform each other as soon as the error is identified and the text shall be rectified by mutual consent. The clerical error shall be without prejudice to the validity of the Delegation Agreement.

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