The ruling document which governs the fruitful cooperation between the UN and the Commission is the Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement - known as FAFA. This document has been adopted by the Commission in 2003 and it has been revised in 2014.

The FAFA establishes a general legal framework applicable to all Agreements between the Commission and the UN Agencies.
Furthermore, its 15 articles define the objectives, principles and the modality of cooperation between the two parties and the European Commission's role connected to the evaluation and verification of the Actions.
In the Preamble you may find the list of all the UN Agencies who adhered to this agreement in 2003, these are:


When implementing Humanitarian Actions fully or partially funded by ECHO, UN Agencies should refer to the following legal documents:

  • Indirec Management Delegation Agreement (IMDA) English: It is the Agreement concluded between ECHO and the UN Agencies for each approved Humanitarian Action

  • General Conditions English: The rules applicable to the IMDA relating to Humanitarian Actions financed by the Union and governing the implementation of the Actions from the proposal to the final report stage.